Creating a Fiscally Fit State Government

Finance is not something they teach you in high school, but it becomes a part of life whether you agree with sound financial management or not. In your own lives, you witness financial mismanagement everyday. Parents and grandparents are the best to point this out, as they lived much simpler lives compared to what we see as necessity today. It occurs in your government, your neighborhood, and some of us experience it in their own homes. Truly responsible financial management is what will move our country forward, and it’s what will make our state prosperous as well.

Some have criticized our state for it’s financial burdens. While our state experiences private sector economic growth, we’ve also seen the inefficiencies and mismanagement grow state government grow as well. As times change and our economy shifts direction, our government structure must adapt to overcome these new inefficiencies that have bubbled to the surface.

As members of the South Carolina Senate Republican Caucus, we recognize that these inefficiencies have an exciting hidden benefit- there is room for progress and upward mobility like never before.

This session, each member is putting on their gloves and becoming a mechanic. As a functioning machine, our state government resembles a late 80’s Yugo more so than a South Carolina manufactured BMW. It’s time to change that, and we’re prepared for a fight. The gloves won’t come off until a leaner, more efficient state government is established.

State government is the engine for attracting economic development. Right now, it seems that even the smallest components of that engine aren’t working. The machine can’t even seem to get past the starting line without stalling. As your SC Republican Caucus, we will not stop until the proper repairs are made.

South Carolina Senator Glenn McConnell has proposed his “fiscally fit” plan, which will balance our state government, make agencies more conservative in their spending, and our government less wasteful. It consists of legislative initiatives to place a Constitutional cap on state spending, conduct a streamlining review of state government, enact a taxpayer fairness act, a deficit prevention act, and a trust fund protection act.

While having made its way to the floor with strong support, the battle is not over yet. Soon special interests desperate to keep their funding will start lobbying to have this legislation stopped. However, we will fight for this plan and we believe it can pass with your help. If the public can be vocal and demand cuts, your legislators will have no choice but to pass a fiscally responsible plan.

Another aspect of the comprehensive fiscal overhaul includes the consolidation of state agencies into the Department of Administration. This is the most vital step to becoming an efficient state government- one that isn’t weighed down by duplicative, wasteful programs, and brings a more direct accountability for the very core functions its citizens expect. A leaner administration means more dollars are available to flow to the most critical government functions. And in turn, we will see better schools, better roads, infrastructure, and more economic freedom to create one’s destiny. We’re sputtering right now, but we believe that the Department of Administration is a badly needed step to create well-oiled machine.

We are working to get our state back on track and today I simply ask that you get behind our efforts. If there is anything I can do for you, call me at (803) 289-6211 or email me at

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