Conservative Voting Record: Greg was the first Republican elected from Lancaster County to any office since Reconstruction and the first Republican senator elected to represent York County since that time. Always an outsider to the entrenched leadership of the Senate, Greg held to the conservative values he learned following his political hero, President Ronald Reagan. His voting record was consistently ranked among the best by conservative and business organizations. Greg felt comfortable retiring in 2008 as he knew it was likely that Mick Mulvaney would replace him and replicate his conservative stances.

Lawsuit Reform: Significant tort reform was accomplished in the early 2000’s with Greg’s leadership. Reasonable caps were placed on damages, resulting in SC being able to retain medical professionals and businesses that were finding the state increasingly inhospitable due to excessive jury awards and frivolous lawsuits.

Funding for School Construction: In 1998, Greg cast one of the key votes supporting a state bond bill that funded new schools for Lancaster and Fort Mill. Buford Elementary was built with these funds and significant renovations were done to South Middle and Brooklyn Springs Elementary. The Bradley Arts and Science Building at USCL was also partially funded by this bond. In Fort Mill several new schools were paid for, in part, from the bond. This allowed the district to keep up with its explosive growth without a tax increase to fund these necessary costs.

Support of Excellence in Education: For fifteen years Greg’s company, Builders Supply, sponsored a year-end party for each of the county’s straight-A students. Regularly attended by hundreds of proud students and parents, the Staight-A Party was a highlight of the year for them.

Indian Land Sewer: When Greg was elected in 1992 there was no sewer service in Indian Land. He demanded that the Lancaster Water and Sewer District expand into this most-promising part of the county. Through the collective efforts of county officials, Indian Land has become a magnet for quality development, jobs and, of course, the USA’s most successful Sun City.

USC-Lancaster: As a current member of the USC Board of Trustees, Greg understands the politics of higher education. He has sought an appropriate level of funding for USCL and would continue to do so. After Greg retired from the Senate, Gov. Mark Sanford called for USCL to be closed. After Sanford appointed Gregory to the USC Board, Greg invited him to visit the campus. He did, and no push was made for the university to be closed again.

Conservation: Greg grew up enjoying the outdoors, hunting doves and deer, and boating on Lake Wateree. The first committee he chose in the Senate was Fish, Game and Forestry, and he chaired it from 2001 to 2008. During that time he led efforts to protect the rights of sportsmen and habitat for game and fish. Greg was the primary sponsor of a bill that set aside almost 30,000 acres in SC for sportsmen, one of the largest preservation efforts in our state’s history.

Financial Literacy: Greg asked, “Why educate students for twelve years to earn a living and not educate them in how to handle the money they will make?” Working with the state’s credit unions, he successfully implemented a two week course in financial literacy that all SC students must take as part of their economics education. In 2004, Greg received the National Legislator of the Year Award in Washington, DC from the Credit Union National Association.

Magistrate Courts: When Greg was first elected some magistrates in the district still held court in their homes. With the assistance of local officials, the Lancaster magistrate court was consolidated and modernized. Now the county has one of the most professional courts in SC.

Video Poker: These machines once plagued every corner of SC, but no areas more than Fort Mill and Lancaster County. The upper part of Fort Mill near Regent Park was even referred to as “Fort Vegas.” It took a six year battle, but Greg, along with other like-minded legislators such as Sen. Wes Hayes, succeeded in ridding the state of this scourge.

Home Schooling: Early in his career Greg championed the cause of the state’s home schoolers. At the time there was only one organization through which home schools could be sanctioned. Greg introduced and passed legislation to open this up and grant home schools more latitude. Home schooling has thrived in SC since then.

Anti-Litter Efforts: Greg has always abhorred litter. Today, prisoners of SC Corrections regularly pick up litter due to his efforts. He is also an Adopt A Highway sponsor and helped with the formation of SC’s anti-litter organization, Palmetto Pride. This agency works to keeps SC roadways clean through various efforts including educating elementary school students about litter.

Constituent Service: From minor problems to life-threatening ones, Greg has a reputation as someone who will listen and take action. During his time in the Senate thousands of constituents contacted him with their issues and he consistently attempted to address them to their satisfaction.

Keeping Constituents Informed: Greg’s legislative newsletters were known for being informative, cutting, and witty. They were sent to anyone who requested them and published in local newspapers. If elected again, Greg would again publish newsletters in print and on-line to keep constituents informed.