Running to change Columbia

Candidate for South Carolina State Senate Greg Gregory outlines his reason for running in this important election. Please play the video below to hear why Gregory is the right choice on February 22.

We need volunteers

USC Lancaster is an economic engine

A proven track record on job creation

The problem with socialism

Congressman Mick Mulvaney stands with Greg Gregory

Lancaster County Republican Party meeting

Constituent Service

Most newly elected legislators quickly realize that constituent service is at least half of the job. From my previous sixteen years in the Senate I realize that the senator represents the last, best hope for many people to have their problems addressed. To provide effective constituent service takes patience and good listening skills, but one must also know to whom in the government to reach out for each problem. It takes several years of experience to learn, but I already have the rolodex and can effectively assist the people of the district from day one.

Advocate for USC Lancaster

USCL and Winthrop are two of the most poorly funded universities in the state. The reason is SC’s convoluted system for funding higher education rewards universities that educate fewer students and penalizes those that educate more. USCL educates twice as many students as it did ten years ago, including students from York County, and received less money from the state to do so.

Just as Winthrop has been a catalyst for the growth of Rock Hill, so can USCL increase prosperity in Lancaster. As a current member of the USC Board of Trustees, I am working with the USC administration to make USCL a feeder school for the Columbia campus. With each USC student placed at USCL for their initial two years, Lancaster can see up to a $10,000 per year economic impact. This can transform Lancaster into a college town much like Rock Hill or Spartanburg.

The success of USCL must be made known to all in Columbia and it should be held up as an example of the utmost efficiency in higher ed., not targeted for closure or conversion to a community college.

Shorten Legislative Session

The SC General Assembly meets longer than any other in the southeast. From January to June they are simply in Columbia too long. I believe the legislature should come in, get its work done and leave – saving taxpayers money. This should take no longer than three months and for years I advocated for this change. Now, with funds tighter than ever, is the time to shorten the session.